At St Chad's, we believe that discipline comes from a whole school effort with the whole school team working as one. Every child has the right to learn and every teacher has the right to teach. We take a positive approach to reinforcing good behaviour by genuinely praising and 'catching children doing good'. Praise is effectively and positively used to good effect and is embedded into the culture within St Chad's.
Our school code, LOVE, underpins our behaviour for learning ethos at St Chad's. We want all of our children to love themselves, each other, their school, their community and their learning. We encourage children to:
Look after each other and their school
Only ever do their best
Value everyone and remember their manners
Enjoy learning together
We encourage children to think for themselves, become independent and help them to recognise right from wrong. There are many things that we say and do to encourage the children to have the right behaviour for learning and make St Chad's a happy learning environment. To make it simpler for the children to understand what they can do and to help keep the LOVE code, we have devised our 'Golden Behaviour' policy. We have a whole school reward system (Class Dojo) that recognises and values 'golden' effort, attitude, achievement and behaviour. Children can earn 'dojos' for showing general positive behaviour e.g. good sitting; values linked to our LOVE ethos e.g. being a good friend, tidying up and 'higher level' learning behaviours e.g. asking a good question. Children can also be entered into the school's Golden Book for excellent work or behaviour. Every Friday there is a Golden Book disco and celebration assembly. At the end of every half-term, teachers nominate a St Chad's King and Queen from each class. Parents are invited to attend our 'crowning ceremony'.
'Chad' Bear and stickers are rewarded weekly for the class with the best attendance. Every half-term we run an attendance raffle. We also have a weekly 'Lunchtime Superhero' table to award good behaviour observed in the dinner hall and during lunchtimes.