Rosie Posie's School Adventures

Hello! My name is Rosie Posie (or Rosie for short). I love spending my days at St Chad's with the children, staff, parents and visitors.

I come to school most days with my owner, Ms. Leach. I have my own special bed in Ms. Leach's office with my favourite toys (there is even a secret cupboard with my favourite biscuits and treats!). When I am in the office, I like to relax in my crate under the desk (it is very snug and cosy). There is a stair gate at the top of the stairs so that I can't escape.

I am very small and friendly. I wear a bell so that everybody can hear me when I am walking about through school. Because of my breed, I have very short legs, big ears and a very long back. I make people laugh when they see me! I have to very careful to look after my back (I can't jump and I shouldn't go up and down stairs). The children understand that they also have to be careful when I am out and about in school and they help to keep me safe and happy.

I am still young and, like the children, I am learning lots of new things every day. As I am a dachshund, sometimes I like to bark (because I am little, it sounds more like a 'yap'). Ms. Leach is helping me to stop being noisy when I am in school (I am getting much better). I am learning that I also have to follow the school rules, which include being calm, still and quiet.

Everybody at St Chad's follows our school's 'LOVE Promise' (including me!). I enjoy saying hello to the children and parents on the gate in the morning (I love being stroked and fussed over when everybody sees me). One of my favourite things to do is to have a walk on the school field with the children.

I try and visit the classrooms most days to see all of the fantastic learning that the children are up to. I am always excited when the children come and show me their work for the 'Golden Book'. I am very nosey and enjoy looking through their exercise books. I get to have a 'Golden  Selfie' with the children and Ms. Leach, which always makes everyone laugh. I am trying hard to stay still and look at the camera!

Now that I am learning to sit, I have started spending time with the children in their Collective Worships. I am also starting to hear the children read. I love relaxing on the big sofa, snuggling up with the children and a good book.

I feel so lucky to be able to come to work most days with Ms. Leach and feel loved by everybody in school. Below are some photos of my daily adventures.

Love and Wags,

Rosie Posie xxx