COVID-19 Remote Learning (child isolating)

My child is isolating - how will my child's learning be supported?
If your child is isolating at home due to COVID-19 and well enough to work, we will continue to set home learning. 
Your child will be provided with a home learning pack. If your child is sent home from school then they will be issued a home learning pack to bring home. If your child is already at home then we will ask you to make arrangements for a non-household member to collect your child's pack from school at an agreed time. If this is not possible, arrangements will be made for the pack to be delivered or posted through your letterbox by a staff member. 
Your child's class teacher will provide your child with work following our usual home learning format. Teachers will endeavour to closely match your child's home learning to the learning that they would be doing if they were in school. Your child's home learning pack will contain:
  • work to support learning in phonics, English, maths and theme
  • copies of our Parent Home Learning booklets so that key skills in phonics, reading and maths can be practised
  • links to external websites and apps
During your child's period of absence, we kindly ask that you remain engaged and in close contact with school during the period of absence, as much as possible.
Once home learning is completed, work should be sent to your child's class teacher via Class Dojo, as with our normal home learning procedures. Information on how to send home learning via Class Dojo can be found here.
If it is not possible to access your child's Class Dojo account e.g. the account holder is very poorly, a photograph of your child's home learning should be emailed to 
If this is not possible then please keep your child's completed work at home and send it back to school when your child is able to return.
During the period of absence, if your child is well enough, it is really important that their learning routine is maintained as much as possible. You will receive welfare calls from school. During this telephone discussion, we will ask how their child is getting on with his/her home learning and whether additional support is required. Please ensure that you keep us updated on any changes in the household during the period of isolation.
A copy of our Remote Learning Policy, including our child friendly version, can be found here.