New Arrivals Team

The New Arrivals Team has been established to work with and support new arrivals to Derby from outside the UK. The team has a particular focus on working with families of Roma heritage and Central Eastern European families.

The New Arrivals team work in partnership with other agencies such as health, places of worship and other community organisations to identify new arrival families when they first arrive into the city. This enables the team to work closely with the families to integrate them into the city of Derby and ensure they have the correct information and expectations required regarding safeguarding, education, housing and school attendance. The team undertake individual case work, group work with parents/carers, children and young people and will also advise and support teams across the City.

The main criteria for involvement is that the family has been to the UK for less than 12 months. Further details can be found here.



Sure Start Rosehill Children's Centre

17-19 Lower Dale Road


DE23 6WY

Telephone: 01332 640733