Education Welfare Service

The Education Welfare Service (EWS) carry out statutory duties to ensure regular school attendance. We offer advice and support to schools and families who are attending a school within Derby City. Education Welfare Officers are based in Multi-agency Teams throughout the City.

Welfare issues they deal with are:

  • attendance issues
  • welfare issues
  • children working in entertainment
  • child employment
  • Children Missing Education (CME)
  • exclusions
  • unauthorised absence Penalty Notices

Services that they provide are:

  • Advice and support to schools on strategies and initiatives to promote good attendance
  • Support and guide schools and parents on attendance issues
  • Contribute to or undertake Early Help Assessments (EHA)
  • Advice on school policies and best practice guidance
  • Issue and regulate performance licences
  • Issue work permits
  • Advice and guidance when children become CME
  • Support through advocacy to children and families regarding exclusions
As a school, we are committed to securing good attendance for all of our children which is why we buy into Education Welfare support through Derby City Council's sold service. The Education Welfare Officer (EWO) works in close partnership with our school's Attendance Officer, Mrs Lambert. Currently, our assigned Education Welfare Officer (EWO) from Derby City Council is Paul Johnson. Further information about our school's attendance procedures can be found here.