School Development Priorities

At St Chad's, we are always striving to maintain high standards and continue to improve. Each year we celebrate the success and achievement of the school and evaluate what went well. We use a variety of different sources of information to set targets in order to further improve.

Please see below for our key priorities for this academic year.


At St Chad's, we are committed to supporting all of our staff's ongoing professional development. Staff regularly have access to high-quality professional development, both in school and through local and national training events. Through our ongoing monitoring and self-evaluation systems, continuing professional development (CPD) is explicitly linked to our school development plan and the priorities of our school.
We are committed to staying a breadth with the current educational landscape, both nationally and globally. Staff enjoy carrying out research and reading in their own time and bringing new ideas into school for professional discussion and reflection. Below are some of the books that have recently caught our imagination and own curious minds. Please click on the images to find out more information.