School Uniform

School uniforms allow all children, regardless of their background, to feel equal to their peers and confident in their appearance. Therefore, at St Chad’s, we expect all children to wear correct items of school uniform every day in school. As parent ourselves, we have given great thought to our uniform items, ensuring that they can be purchased easily from local shops/supermarkets and are as cost friendly as possible.

Daily School Uniform
Our day to day school uniform consists of:
  • red formal school jumper or cardigan (with or without the school logo)
  • white polo t-shirt, shirt or blouse
  • grey/black formal school trousers, skirt or dress
  • plain black flat school shoes (trainers are not permitted)
  • plain white or grey or black socks 
  • St Chad's Book Bag
Summer school uniform options:
  • red and white gingham summer dress
  • grey/black formal school shorts
Winter school uniform options:
  • plain back flat school ankle boots (knee high boots are not permitted)
  • red or grey or black tights 
PE Kits
All children participate in PE lessons and must wear their PE kit to school on their allocated PE days. Your child's allocated PE day will be shared with you via Class Dojo.
Our PE kit consists of:
  • plain black hoodie with zip (no sport logo)
  • plain white crew-neck t-shirt (no sport logo)
  • plain black jogging bottoms or leggings (no sport logo)
  • black PE pumps or plain black trainers (no sport logo)
  • plain white or grey or black socks
Summer PE kit option:
  • plain black PE shorts (no sport logo)
If your child has their ears pierced, please ensure that earrings are removed at home on their allocated PE day. 
We encourage children to wear plain black school shoes that fasten with Velcro. Please only send in your child with school shoes that fasten with laces and/or a buckle if your child can do up/undo the fastening by themselves. 
High heels, trainers or footwear that is heavily decorated e.g. with glitter are not permitted. 
During the winter you may wish you send your child in wearing a pair of plain black ankle school boots. Knee high boots are not permitted. 
Please ensure that your child is wearing shoes that correctly fit them to avoid trips or falls or feeling uncomfortable during the school day. 
Only a pair of plain studded earrings are permitted to be worn. To support with our health and safety procedures, hoops or dangly earrings must not be worn.
Earrings must be removed at home on your child's allocated PE day.
If your are considering having your child's ears pierced, please book in their appointment over the summer holidays. This will allow time for their ears to heel and therefore will not impact their PE (a statutory lesson of the national curriculum). 
Hair Accessories 
If your child has long hair, please ensure that it is tied up with a bobble.
Please keep hair accessories to a minimum. Simple plain red hair accessories are permitted e.g. a plain red hair band, red hair clips, red hair bobble. 
Purchasing School Uniform
All items on our uniform list can be easily purchased from local shops. We highly recommend local supermarkets as items are very competitively priced. All major supermarkets now have the option for uniform to be purchased online. If you would prefer to purchase your child's uniform in person then our nearest supermarkets are Sainsbury's on Osmaston Road and Asda in Sinfin. 
If you wish to purchase school uniform items featuring our logo, please visit Uniform Direct
All children must have a St Chad's book bag which can only be purchased from Uniform Direct. We also hold a limited amount of book bags in school that can be purchased directly from the school office.  
Uniform Direct address:
54 Babington Lane
Telephone number: 01332 342569
If you are struggling to purchase any items of school uniform, please let us know and we will do all that we can to help you. To help protect the environment and to keep costs to parents to a minimum, we encourage families to re-use and re-love school uniform items. We have old uniform items in school (in excellent condition) that have kindly been donated to school for families requiring additional support.


Please ensure that every item of school uniform has on your child's full name. This will help us to return any items from last property. Permanent marker pens work well as they do not wash off. 

And finally, please:

  • Ensure that your child has a hooded coat for colder/wetter months.
  • Remember your child’s sunhat on hotter/sunnier days.
  • Provide your child with a named water bottle.