St Augustine's Church

As a Church of England School, we are every proud of our strong relationship with St Augustine's Church. St Augustine's is an Anglican Church located on Upper Dale Road in Normanton and is a short walk from our school building . The church is a friendly and accepting church family of all shapes and sizes and its parish embraces the rich mix of faith, ethnicity and culture of our local community.
Our close church-school partnership is further supported through the church's Rector, Reverend Andy Ward. Reverend Andy is a regular visitor into school and we are incredibly grateful for his dedication and support. Throughout the year, we make regular visits to the church to take part in services and activity days and we also organise for services to be led in our school Collective Worships.
St Augustine's run weekly services at 10am every Sunday. The church is embracing fresh ways of worshipping and learning through song, engagement with the scriptures and time for a gathering over coffee, sharing, reflecting, praying and celebrating the Holy Communion. in addition to its weekly service, the church also offers 'The Gathering Place' café on a Wednesday morning where they also host the Jubilee Debt Clinic. Please click on the image below to find out more information about St Augustine's Church.


More information about St Augustine's can also be found on their Facebook Page, please click the image below.