Hardwick Primary School (Transition to Year 3)

As we are an infant school (Reception to Year 2), all children have to apply for a junior school place for Year 3 onwards through Derby Admissions
Once finishing their infant school adventures at St Chad's, the majority of our children apply for a place and transition to our 'big sister' school - Hardwick Primary School.
Located on Dover Street in Normanton, Hardwick Primary is a short walk to and from St Chad's. Like us, Hardwick Primary School is also a member of our DDAT family.  As 'sister schools' we work very closely together. 
We have lots of parents that have children attending both schools at the same time and we are therefore very experienced in supporting parents with drop-off and pick-up arrangements across the two sites. In the morning, our school gate opens for 15 minutes prior to our school day starting at 9am and ending at 3:15pm. 
We recognise that transitioning to a new school can be an anxious time for children and their parents. We carefully support this move through our city-wide transition days. Children have the opportunity to visit Hardwick Primary towards the end of Year 2 and Year 3 Hardwick staff meet with Year 2 St Chad's staff for a detailed handover of key information about every child. Hardwick Primary share 'junior school readiness' resources that we will publish on all of our communication channels. 
LOVE and CARE....
 Although Hardwick is significantly bigger than St Chad's, as both schools pride themselves on having a strong school vision and ethos, our children and families transition incredibly well. Put simply, St Chad's children leave the 'LOVE school' and embark on new adventures at the 'CARE school': 
Similar to our school's love vision and ethos, Hardwick wants everyone involved with their school to CARE and make it a place that is;

Caring - where everyone cares about each other and our school
Achieving - where everyone always does better than their previous best
Respectful - where everyone remembers their manners and respects one another
Exciting - where everyone enjoys learning and experiencing new challenges
Similar to our school's 'LOVE Promise,' Hardwick has its on 'CARE Code'. 
At Hardwick Primary School we:
  • Care about each other and our school
  • Always do our best
  • Remember our manners
  • Enjoy learning
Further information about Hardwick Primary School can be found here. Information about admissions to Hardwick, including their over-subscription criteria, can be found here.
Hardwick Primary School
Dover Street
DE23 6QP

Tel : 01332 272249
Fax: 01332 773638
Email Address: admin@hardwick.derby.sch.uk