School Council

Our school vision (LOVE God; LOVE Neighbour; LOVE self) and our school values of love, friendship, compassion and respect, support the character and moral development of all of our children, regardless of their age. Although we are an infant school, we want all of our children to have aspirations for themselves and for the communities of which they are a part of. Every child has a voice and every voice matters. One way that we achieve this is through our very active school council (our LOVE Council).
Our LOVE Council is led by a group of children in Year 2. The successful candidates are sworn into their new roles during a special collective worship, receiving a shiny new badge that they must wear every day to school. Our Love Council members meet regularly with the Head of School, Ms. Leach, to discuss exciting projects, share ideas and solve problems. It is their role to be the voice of all of their classmates so we can all work together to create an even better school. They also meet regularly with the school's Chair of Governors to champion their ideas.
Our LOVE Councillors organise and lead regular school surveys. To support our youngest children, we have introduced 'pom-pom' surveys. Our LOVE Councillors are responsible for setting up and leading 'pom-pom' voting stations in our school hall on a half-termly basis. They also help to carry our 'Pupil Voice' surveys.
We arrange an annual visit to the Council House in Derby with our school council so that they have the opportunity to sit in the Chambers and chair an 'official meeting'! We are keen to welcome visitors into school from the world of politics (we were recently visited by Derby's Youth Mayor).
We actively encourage our children to engage in social action to help improve the local community. We have recently forged strong links with our local RSPCA Centre and local Police Community Support Officers.
Projects that our LOVE Council have been involved in thus far are:
  • Redesigning our whole school behaviour policy (the introduction of Class Dojo)
  • Selecting and designing our whole school reward system (including certificates and badges)
  • Improving our school field
  • Campaigning for donations to support our Enterprise Fortnight
  • Visiting the local RSPCA Centre
  • Organising a whole school fundraising day to support our local RSPCA Centre
  • Improving playtime equipment
  • Fundraising for a playtime Buddy Bench
Our LOVE Council recently asked our children to describe our school using one word, here are their responses....
Our LOVE Councillors have recently been surveying ideas to improve playtimes and lunchtimes, here are their findings...