Church School Information

St Chad’s is a Church of England (CofE) Nursery and Infant School, originally founded in 1889. We are a popular inner city school and we are very proud of the diverse community in which we serve. The majority of our children come from established Muslim and Sikh families and we are more recently welcoming a growing number of children from Eastern Europe. Our Victorian building retains many original beautiful features but has been thoughtfully adapted for modern educational needs. As a church school, we have very strong links with St Augustine’s Church (a fifteen-minute walk from our school). Reverend Andy Ward is our Chair of Governors and Reverend Sarah Watson serves as our school Chaplain.

We are a truly inclusive school that actively promotes social cohesion in an area of significant diversity. We successfully nourish children of Christian faith whilst also welcoming and valuing children and families of other faiths. We strongly promote Christian and British values through our school ethos, LOVE. We:

Look after our school and each other

Only ever do our best

Value everyone and remember our manners

Enjoy our learning!

Our LOVE ethos ensures that our children’s spiritual development is at the core of our school. Our children know that they are special and unique and that they are cherished and loved. We explore many more Christian values within our LOVE ethos at a level that the children understand e.g. truthfulness, forgiveness.

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS):

All Church of England dioceses and the Methodist Church use the Church of England Education Office's framework for the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS).

The principal objective of SIAMS inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a Church school, and how well the distinctive Christian character and ethos of the school ensure the development and achievement of the whole child or young person.

This is evaluated through four core questions:

  • How well does the school, through its distinctive Christian character, meet the needs of all learners?
  • What is the impact of collective worship on the school community?
  • How effective is the Religious Education? (in VA schools and academies)
  • How effective are the leadership and management of the school as a Church school?

We are very proud of our SIAMS inspection outcomes. In our June 2014 inspection we were graded as an Outstanding church school.  

Collective Worship
Collective Worship is an integral part of our school day. It is a time when the whole school comes together to praise God and learn about our world and people through the teachings of the Bible, stories and songs. We have our own school prayer, linking to our LOVE values. Times for reflection are a regular feature of weekly class and whole school assemblies. Our children are taught mindfulness to support their spiritual development to support their ability to be calm, still and quiet. Our Collective Worships are organised into four distinct parts: Hello Time; Story Time; Thinking Time; Reflecting Time. Each day there is a song and prayers allowing children time to reflect on what they have heard that day. Children are encouraged to take an active part in Collective Worship and regularly take part in drama and contribute ideas and thoughts. We attend and take part in regular festival services at St Augustine’s Church and educational visits are also made to local places of worship. We run theme weeks to enrich our children’s understanding of faith traditions, for example Our World Week.
Religious Education
Religious Education is taught for about an hour a week to each class by the class teacher.  The Agreed Syllabus is generally followed with emphasis placed on the celebrations of Christmas and Easter each year.  Children are taught to think about the Bible, stories that Jesus told, the Creation, Festivals, Places of Worship and Inspiring people and how these themes relate to themselves. Children will also learn about other faiths in particular Jewish and Muslim and what they believe. We also follow Understanding Christianity which allows children to look deeper into Christian events such as God, Creation, Salvation, Incarnation and Gospel. We take the children on visits to our church St Augustine’s in Normanton for special Christian celebrations such as Easter, Harvest and Christmas.