Collective Worship

In school, we have a daily act of Collective Worship. Collective Worship (also know as assembly) is an invitational moment of our school day in which our school community can come together as one. As an inclusive school, we ensure that all children can participate during this period of peace and refection. All children are invited to pray or contemplate in their unique way. All faiths and viewpoints are welcomed and valued.
Our school vision, LOVE, sits at the heart of our Collective Worships. We follow the Christian calendar, exploring main events and themes throughout the year. Collective Worship themes also incorporate national and international events which encourage the children to develop a broader understanding of the world and deepen their sense of a shared responsibility.
We are immensely proud of our unique and diverse school community. In addition to the Christian calendar, we also celebrate important dates and special events from other faiths and world religions, for example Eid, Diwali and Vaisakhi. We encourage children and staff to share personal experiences, wherever possible.

We try to give our children many opportunities to demonstrate our core ethos, LOVE, and affirm their commitment by celebrating their successes in our Golden Assemblies and in our classroom assemblies. We regularly organise annual whole-school fundraising events and activities to support specific charities and we ensure that we respond to local or national needs as they arise.

We endeavour to make our worships creative and memorable. They can involve music, stories, stillness, meditation, drama, prayer, poetry and reflection. We have adopted a number of whole school mindfulness approaches to support our young children in becoming calm, still and quiet.

During the week, we organise our Collective Worships in the following way:

Monday: Whole school Collective Worship (led by the Head of School)

Tuesday: Key Stage Collective Worship

Wednesday: Singing Assembly

Thursday: Class Assembly

Friday: Golden Assembly

Every Collective Worship is thoughtfully and carefully planned and serves a different and unique purpose. We encourage regular visitors into our Collective Worship wherever possible and we regularly visit St Augustine's Church.

Our Collective Worships are organised into four key parts: welcoming; learning; reflecting; responding.

We have adopted a whole school prayer that children take in turns to deliver during our whole school Collective Worship and Golden Assembly. Our school prayer, although special, is invitational. This means that it is never forced nor is it compulsory.

The Christian values that we will be exploring in 2018-2019 in our Collective Worships are:
  • Generosity (Autumn 1)
  • Compassion (Autumn 2)
  • Courage (Spring 1)
  • Friendship (Spring 2)
  • Respect (Summer 1)
  • Forgiveness (Summer 2)
Exploring these values will allow our children to look beyond themselves and ask 'big questions'. Below are some of the key texts that we will be using in addition to biblical stories during whole school and class Collective Worship: