Coronavirus / School Closure Updates

Firstly, we hope that you and your family are safe and well. We would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for following school advice and for trusting that we are making the right decisions for you, your child/ren and our staff.

During this time of uncertainty and worry, we are aware that school closures will be very hard for many of you and have a big impact on your lives. We would like to thank you all for keeping your children at home from Friday, 20th March, 2020.  You should feel extremely proud that you are helping to stop the spread of this awful virus. 

Due to depleting staff numbers, our school premises is now closed until further notice. Following government guidance, we continue to offer school places to our key worker families and our children classed as vulnerable through a local HUB school, which has been set up with the support of our academy trust, DDAT, and two local primary schools.

If your child is entitled to free school meals, during our time of closure, the government has set up a scheme to provide vouchers for these families. We will send information directly to these families when we have further information from our academy trust.

The well-being of our families and their children is very important to us at St Chad's. Please don’t be alarmed if you receive a phone call or message from a member of our school team during our time of closure. We want to stay connected with you all during this time and look forward to finding out how you are all doing.

Although we have had to say goodbye to you and your children for a while, we hope to be back to business as usual as soon as possible. Please keep encouraging your child/ren to keep singing, playing, making, drawing, writing, problem-solving and learning about our amazing world. We are on an adventure and like all real adventures, we need to be brave.

We would like to provide you with some information and guidance following recent updates in this ever-changing landscape. Please find below key school communication, government communication and useful documents and links regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak is a rapidly developing situation and the most up-to-date information for people in the UK can be found on the NHS webiste.  

Government update: stay at home
On Monday, 23rd March, 2020, the government announced that we should only leave our homes for the following very limited purposes:

1. Shopping for essential food and medicines
2. One form of exercise a day (a walk, a run) alone or with members of your household only
3. For a medical need or to provide care or support for a vulnerable person
4. Travelling to and from work, only if absolutely necessary
Home-School Communication
During our time of closure, our teachers and support staff will continue to help and support your children with their education and pastoral needs. We will be using the app, Class Dojo, to communicate with you to share home learning tips and important updates during our school closure. Please check your child’s Class Dojo app as regularly as possible for any updated information (once a day would be ideal).

Our School Story Page and your child's Class Page is where senior leaders and class teachers will be regularly posting updates and key information, so please keep an eye out for notifications on your phone and ‘check in’ on a regular basis.

The messaging service has been temporarily disabled. Please can I kindly request that you do not use this app to directly message your class teacher. A heading will appear on the messaging page explaining that your child’s class teacher is away. No direct messages will be replied to on the app.

If any parents have problems using the app or accessing any of the work, please contact school via email

In the event that you need to contact your child’s class teacher or any staff member during a school closure, please use our normal methods of communication:

  • Telephone: 01332 345997
  • Email:

We have a number of designated staff who will be checking our school email account regularly. As our school premises is currently closed, telephone calls to our main school office have been automatically forwarded to Miss Leach's mobile. This will only be answered between 9:00am and 2:30pm Monday to Friday. We have also set up an emergency phone line which is available between 9:00am and 2:30pm Monday to Friday: 07486 516471. We will only respond to emergency queries on this phone line. Any matters relating to safeguarding should be reported following our normal channels of communication, further information can be found here.  

Although we have sent home learning packs and will continue to upload ideas to our website and Class Dojo page, there are no expectations from school about what you do or don’t do. These are very unusual and unprecedented times.
Please remember: 
  • Our children might be scared at the moment. They see and hear a lot, even when we think they don’t. 
  • Their routines and structures are disrupted. They will feel tension and anxiety from the adults around them. It is a completely new situation for us all.  
  • Children may expect the weeks ahead to feel like the summer holidays; we know that they will feel very different.  
  • They may react to all this by changing their behaviours and showing behaviours you have never seen from them before. This might be difficult for you and your family but it is natural and to be expected.  Your child just needs these feelings to be acknowledged and to be reassured that you understand that life is just that bit less predictable at the moment.
  • Under these circumstances, home learning may well add to this anxiety and stress – for them and for you. In that case, leave it. Your children need to be reassured, comforted, loved and feel secure more than they need to be learning.

So, please don’t argue and fall out about any of the learning ideas we have sent home or provided. Instead, cuddle on the sofa and watch a film. Share a book and talk about it. Bake and cook together. Paint pictures, create and make. Play board games. Look at old photos and tell stories about family members, some of whom your children have never met. Write letters to those you cannot visit at the moment. However, for some children, a learning routine may be exactly what they need. They might thrive on structure and routine. They might be bored or anxious about not learning. They might be desperate to feel connected to their school friends or teachers. They might love learning online and fly through tasks. Your child might be both of these types of children: most children are! Follow their lead and use your gut instinct. You won’t go far wrong. Don’t worry about their academic progress. All of the above will help them. Every child is in the same boat at the moment. They will all be ok. When we get back to school, after celebrating being back together again, we will pick up from where we left off and meet your child’s needs like we always do. That’s our job.

In a nutshell: use the learning resources, but we kind to yourself. Try to have fun spending time together. Your child’s emotional and mental wellbeing – and yours – is far more important than anything else. How they felt during this time will stay with them for the rest of their lives, far longer than any worksheet or online learning task. 

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