What are SATs?
Children take SATs twice during their school career. The first time is in Key Stage 1, at the end of Year 2. The tests provide information on how your child is progressing, compared to children the same age nationally.
At St Chad's, we recognise that our Year 2 children are still very young. We therefore keep the 'testing' procedure informal – the papers are not strictly timed and they are usually taken in a normal classroom situation to keep the pressure off children. On 14 September 2017 it was confirmed that the KS1 SATs will be made non-statutory (so schools will be able to choose whether to adminster them or not) from 2023. Until then children will continue to be assessed in May during Year 2.
SATs aren’t about passing or failing, but are used to reflect the level your child is working to. Therefore, SATs should never be seen as a one-off period in the school calendar but as a part of the overall teaching your child receives. We will inform you of of your child's outcomes during our end of year reports to parents.
The key to making SATs less stressful for your child is not to panic yourself. Children are well prepared for SATs throughout their school life, as teachers regularly carry out this type of assessment but you can support your child by regularly supporting them with their home learning outside of school.
There are also a lot of commercially published and very useful practice materials available and a number of very good websites to support learning in general – but remember to give your child extra work to do in moderation.
The format of SATs and the mark scheme changed in 2016 but the new-style papers are now available to download.
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