Inclusion Charter

At St Chad's, we are proud to be a member of Derby City Council's Inclusion Charter. 
The Inclusion Charter will act as a common code of practice for schools in Derby. Developed by the Inclusion Group, it sets out five key principles for an inclusive school. Underpinning this is a universal approach, cycle of support and a directory of support to enable schools to fulfil the charter. The vision is to see an inclusive school culture across the city, supporting key strategies to ensure there is one overarching inclusion plan for Derby. The Inclusion Charter can have a positive impact on children and young people by supporting schools to:
• Create a positive school culture
• Provide a sense of belonging
• Improve mental health and well-being
• Increase engagement
• Ensure equitable opportunities
• Raise aspirations and expectations
• Improve outcome
Senior Leaders and members of our school's pastoral team are currently engaging in training through the Inclusion Charter to help improve outcomes for learners and drive the implementation of the Inclusion Charter through our school. Training that has been completed in 2022-2023 so far includes:
  • Relational, Attachment and Trauma-Informed Classrooms (7 training days)
  • Behaviour - Is there another way? (9 training days) 
Further information about the Inclusion Charter can be found here.
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