Our Foundation Stage Unit

Our Early Years Foundation Stage Unit consists of a 26 place Nursery and 40 PAN Reception. 
Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs K Morley 
Nursery: Miss S Linkens 
               Mrs J Gilsenan 
 We offer morning and afternoon Nursery sessions, with a maximum of 13 children in each session. 
Reception: Miss O Thompson 
                   Mrs J Gilsenan 
                   Mrs P Ghai (SEND Support) 
Reception/ Y1: Miss H Frisby 
                           Mrs U Iqbal 
Our daily timetables include a mix of adult led sessions and learning through play sessions. Children are encouraged and supported to consolidate their learning in the environment. 

The Learning Environment. 

The learning environment, outdoors and indoors, is organised in such a way that children can explore and learn independently in a safe and interactive environment.

We have created a 'home away from home' for our children, and a 'safe haven' for them to to explore and flourish in. We use 'real life' resources whenever possible and children are taught to treat all resources with love and respect. Our continuous provision overview ensures that all areas of our classroom are progressive, and staff are skilled at enhancing learning through the environment. 

Children have access to an enclosed outdoor environment, and daily access to the outdoor environment is planned, unless circumstances, such as the weather, would make outdoor activity inappropriate and unsafe.

There are toilet facilities always available to the EYFS, and there are hygienic changing facilities located near containing a supply of towels and spare clothes. Nappy changing facilities are also available.