September 2023

1st September 2023

Consultation on St Chad’s CE Nursery & Infant School Admission Arrangements for September 2025

Following the publication of the new School Admissions Code 2021 , the governing body of St Chad’s CE Nursery & Infant School are currently consulting on the school admissions policy for September 2025. The admissions policy has been adapted to ensure we are fully compliant with the new School Admissions Code (2021).   There have been changes to the school’s oversubscription criteria and the following has been removed at the request of the Derby Diocese Board of Education:

  • Children whose parents request a place on religious grounds*** as stated on their application form.
  • ***Religious Grounds: Parents seeking a place on religious grounds should obtain a letter of support from a minister, priest or pastor or religious leader if the child is a member of another Christian church or world faith, who knows the family and can confirm regular attendance at public worship.
  • Regular worship is defined as attendance at public worship at least once a month.
  • This must be included with the application. Where appropriate baptismal certificates should also be supplied. Exceptional circumstances will be considered if explained in writing by the relevant religious leader.

In addition, the policy has also been updated and refers to the Admissions Appeal Code 2022 rather than the Admissions Appeal Code 2012, as per previous policies.

The consultation period commenced on 2nd October and will run until 24th November 2023. During this time, individuals and organisations are invited to express their views and any concerns about the proposed admissions policy for St Chad’s CE Nursery & Infant School. 

The proposed Admissions Policy for the 2025/26 academic year is available to download here:

If you require a hard copy, please contact the school office on 01332 345997.

In accordance with statutory DfE guidance, the consultation will run for at least six weeks and, as an interested party at St Chad’s CE Nursery & Infant School, we are keen to hear your views; therefore, we invite you to participate in the consultation if you have any concerns regarding the matter. 

All responses to the consultation should be made in writing and submitted before 12 noon on Friday 24th November 2023 to:

If you wish to submit any correspondence by hand or by post to the school, please mark the correspondence:
FAO DDAT Consultation Team,
C/O St Chad’s CE Nursery & Infant School,
Gordon Road,
DE23 6WR.

Please note that all responses need to include the school’s name and should outline your personal details, including your name, address and relationship to the school.

At the end of the consultation period, the governing body will meet to consider responses. The outcome of the consultation will be published on the St Chad’s CE Nursery & Infant School website as soon as possible following a decision being reached by the Local Governing Body. Hard copies of the final report will be made available on request to all respondents of the consultation.

If you wish to further discuss this matter, or anything mentioned in this letter, please contact:

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