Values in Action

As a Church of England school, Collective Worship is an integral part of our school day.
We have a daily act of Collective Worship. This is an invitational moment of our school day in which our school community can come together as one. We strive to make our Collective Worships inspirational and keenly relevant to the lives of our children.
Across an academic year, we explore six Christian values (one value per half term) and we also incorporate national and international events. This approach allows us to encourage the children to develop a broader understanding of the world and deepen their sense of a shared responsibility. Our annual school calendar is planned with care and thought, ensuring that the values that we are exploring sit at the heart of all aspects of school life: theme days, theme weeks, visitors, local visits, trips, fundraising, celebratory events, family engagement workshops etc. Exploring these values will allow our children to look beyond themselves and ask 'big questions'.